Friday, February 10, 2012

Sketch Copic Marker Storage

Hi, Everyone!!

Happy Friday!!! Yippie! Anyway I wanted to share with everyone my new Copic Sketch Marker Storage. First off. I had my Sketch Markers stored in X-Cubes purchased them from Office Max 3 years ago on clearance for $3.00 I grab alot of them. Now since Copic is growing very rapidly with new colors every year. I needed more room and these X-Cubes are discontinued (always the case LOL). Anyway. I was searching the internet looking for storage for awhile. I got inspired by a dear friend Vicki her husband makes Copic Units, but they live in the UK and shipping was alot they were so sweet to work with. Thanks Vicki. Now I was thinking and thinking how am I going to get to store all 358 Sketch Copic Markers.
Well. I remember a few years back I met a guy named Gino who is a wood carpenter. I will give you a little history - Smiles. I wanted a toilet paper holder to hold 12 rolls of toilet paper for my Master Bathroom. I saw one in a magazine but it was dis-continued. Well I met Gino showed him the picture. Not only did he duplicate it. He made it bigger, wider and carved hearts on the sides and door. It is stunning! I get compliments all the time on this toilet paper holder. Make a long story short. I decided to call Gino and explained what I wanted. I even brought him my Sketch Markers and X-cube to see if this can be done. Guess What? He made my custom Copic Sketch unit un-believable. He was so funny. He said Kim. I never made a Marker case before!! LOL. Anyway my custom made case is "23 x 23"  6 rows across and 6 columns down. It holds 30 markers per cube not tight at all. Each box is a 4" square. From front to back inside the 4" square is 6.75 the same size as the Sketch Copic Markers which is 6.75.  I have 36 slots which I wanted since Copic keeps coming out with new colors. This unit also holds ProMarkers and Viva Decor Pens as well. As you can see from my picture on left 4th row down on the first left corner. I have have a cube just for skin/hair. I am always looking for these Go to colors. This unit has alot of possibilities just imagine. Gino can custom make any size Sketch Copic Marker Case you need. The name of his company is Wood Innovations of Suffolk LTD. Here is his website he is located in Suffolk County NY. He will ship all over the US! He excepts cash or credit cards. His email is If you have any questions you can email me as well I hope this inspired someone. We love our goodies, but storage can be a bit much. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Love this Kim and I have been searching for something like this myself -- off to contact your friend Gino - thanks so much for sharing!


  2. Great idea Kim... and he does beautiful work


  3. This looks great. So much more room for the next 12 markers they come out with. I love mine, too. Way to go, Gino!!

  4. Hey, Kim, I showed this to my hubby and he is making me one!!!!! His hobby is woodworking and he is amazing at it!!!

  5. that is so nice of you to share details with all the others in your area that battle to find the right thing for storing their copics, you go girlfriend!
    P.S: thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a lovely comment

  6. What a great unit! I am off to visit Gino!

  7. What a great unit! I am off to visit Gino!

  8. Great unit. How much did it Cost to make

  9. What was the uk store you originally went to?

  10. FYI I contacted Gino & received a response that they are goingout of business as of 12/31/2018. :(


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